WELCOME TO College Trailhead

Where We Help You Figure Out the Best Path for Your Life After High School!

Hello! I’m Alicia Magee, and I’m on a mission to empower students and their families in navigating the exciting journey that comes after high school. With 15 years of experience in education, I’ve had the privilege of working as a special education middle school teacher, a college advisor, and a college counselor. These roles have shaped my professional path and have also deepened my commitment to helping young minds find their way in the world.

My Journey in Education

My journey in education began as a middle school teacher specializing in special education. Those early years taught me the invaluable lesson of patience, empathy, and the unique potential in every student. I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education in unlocking opportunities and fostering personal growth.

As I transitioned into college advising and counseling, I carried these foundational principles with me. My goal has always been to guide students in making informed decisions about their academic and career paths. I believe that every individual has the potential to excel, and it’s my privilege to help them discover their unique strengths and interests.

A Couple of Random Facts About Me

Outside of my professional life, I wear another important hat—I’m a proud mom to two high schoolers. Their journey through high school and their aspirations have further fueled my passion for education and post-college planning. I understand the hopes and dreams that parents have for their children and the importance of finding the right path.

My passion extends beyond traditional four-year colleges. I’m also a strong advocate for exploring alternative options including community colleges, and the trades. Additionally, I believe in the transformative power of taking a gap year to travel, work, and explore personal interests before committing to higher education.

Join Me in Exploring the Future

I invite you to connect with me and explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Whether you’re a student looking for guidance, a parent seeking advice, or anyone curious about the diverse post-college options available, I’m here to help. Together, we can chart a course toward a brighter future, one filled with knowledge, personal growth, and meaningful experiences.